Update: On November 17 the Tucson 22nd Street Show received this official approval from Pima County to proceed with its 18-day show.

Our COVID-19 Remediation Plan

1. Air filtration: although not a requirement, our Main Tent and SHOWCASE Tent will have aggressive air movement via 50-ton HVACS equipped with MERV 13 air filters which is the most effective air filtration rating, as used in hospitals.

2. Aisle width: even though grocery stores, home improvements stores, restaurants, and nearly every other business in Tucson is not subject to this requirement, all Tucson gem shows are required to provide 12′ wide aisles to enable and encourage social distancing.

3. Barriers between booths: all booths in the Main tent will be separated with pipe & drape with 3x more drape than standard in order to create a “baffled barrier” between dealer spaces. We’ll use our usual 10′ tall painted walls in the SHOWCASE for the same purpose.

4. Capacity limits: all Tucson gem shows are required to manage and enforce capacity limits. The limitation is one person per 150 square feet of inside space. For our 100′ x 836′ Main Tent that is 557 people which does include dealers and staff. In Denver it was limited to 100 customers regardless of venue size, but nonetheless most of our dealers did very well. We expect capacity limits to be an issue only on weekends and so we’ll have a “No Children” policy and $10 parking on Saturday and Sunday to discourage Lookie Lews that would otherwise displace serious buyers.

5. Controlled entries: the SHOWCASE Tent will have one entry and one exit in order to monitor capacity limits. The Main Tent will have controlled entries at each end and three ‘Emergency Only’ exits on the sides. This is so that an accurate count can be maintained of the number of people inside the tent at all times.

6. Enforcement: uniformed armed security will be onsite to quickly eject anyone who refuses to mask up.

7. Face masks: 100% required with no exceptions.

8. Hand sanitizer: every dealer will have hand sanitizer at their booth, thus creating 200+ opportunities to use this effective transmission mitigator.

9. One-way foot traffic: minimizes people exhaling into your immediate air space.

10. Plexiglass shields: every dealer will have a sneeze shield at their booth, thus providing a physical barrier when buyer and seller come within six feet of one another to transact a sale.

11. Running water: necessary for our high-end restroom trailers to function and for our 13 food truckers to most efficiently keep their hands, workspaces, and utensils as clean as possible.

12. Signage: placed throughout the show to inform, instruct and reinforce risk mitigation efforts.

13. Sit-down outdoor seating: this is so that folks aren’t walking around the show without a mask noshing on food or sipping drinks.

14. Social distancing: ample signage at the entries and throughout the show to remind everyone that this practice goes a long way in preventing virus transmission.

15. Staff Screening: all show staff and security officers will be subject to daily temperature checks and health evaluation.

…and these are the signs that you’ll see throughout the show…