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HISTORIC NEWS! We've just purchased the 6.5 acre property upon which the 22nd Street Show is sited. We plan to erect the huge 150,000 square foot 22nd Street View building where 86 top dealers will own their 20' x 40' selling room on the first two levels of this 3-story building. The third / top floor will be a 50,000 square exhibition space which will host up to 300 mid-to-high-end dealers during gem show time. Owning a selling room is less expensive than renting a booth each year when it's in a premier location like this. The sales office will be open in time for the 2015 show, but those wishing to get at the front of the line for first choice of room location can email us at The first 10 folks who sign a purchase agreement will receive a free restroom / shower suite upgrade (worth $15,000). For more info, download the 14-page (5.1 MB) Project Description or see our FaceBook page. There are more activities taking place behind the scenes, which we cannot yet announce, which will further enhance the value of this proposition. If a dealer plans to remain in the mineral / fossil / gem / jewelry business for at least five more years, then serious consideration should be given to a room purchase.

The 2015 show will be our 5th year and it will be our biggest and best yet. Yes, we'll still have the same gigantic 100 foot x 600 foot (60,000 sq. feet) climate controlled structure on smooth asphalt and we'll still feature free admission and be open to the public. And we'll still be the only show on I-10 with (even more) acres of FREE parking which helps attract our 18,000 visitors. Our busiest three weekends are our first, our second, and our last -- when most shows have already packed up. And because our booth fee is about half that of other shows, dealers are able to offer lower prices than elsewhere. It all adds up to a smart decision for dealer and buyer alike.

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The 22nd Street Mineral & Fossil Show is presented by Eons Expos, the same brother-sister team
that brings you the Denver Coliseum Show every September and the NY / NJ Show every April.